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Alien Films
was established in May 2008 by members of the Cumbria Multicultural Women's Network.
Alien Films first production in DVD is 'Migrant Stories' :
'Migrant Mothers' by Jo Ann Saltiga and Lili Orzac; 'Away From Home' by Maha Ismail and Yesim ar Farouk; 'My Homeland' by Maha Ismail see the videos on

The new venture was initiated with Vincent O'Brien, Visible Voice / Three Voices

The new films can be seen, together with an international programme of community film developments at

Click here for further information

Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal, Cumbria UK 3 March - 15 April 2007
New media and photography expressing ideas of migration.
Includes personal stories of migration revealed through photos from family albums.

Naryshkins Palace, Zagare, Lithuania, July 2005
Exhibition of recent community photographs from Zagare

Culture House, Jelgava, Latvia 1 May - 31 May 2005
Rytojus prasidejo vakar: History is now, Tomorrow started Yesterday.

Mid Pennine Gallery, Burnley, Lancs UK 10 January - 12 February 2005
Rytojus prasidej
o vakar: History is now: tomorrow started Yesterday

Norwich Art Centre, Norfolk UK 12 January - 12 February 2005
ithuanian Photography

September / October 2004
Exposition of Rytojus project at international festival of photography, 'Kaunas Photo Days'
Kaunas , Lithuania
and presentation of the project at the academic conference,
"Visual Society: Traditions and Integrations" at Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas within the framework of the festival.

Folly Art Gallery, Lancaster UK July 2004
Lithuanian Photography
Aleksandras Ostasenkovas, Regina Sulskyte

Siaulai, Lithuania, April - May 2004.  Rytojus first major exhibition, simultaneous expositions at Photographic Museum and Laptai Gallery.

Associated projects and activities.

2008 Special Education Link update
Links established in 2004 between Žagares Specialioji Internatine Mokykla, in northern Lithuania and Sandgate Special School in Kendal, Cumbria, UK, have been advanced this year. The Director and teachers from the school, together with the Director and teachers from Lielplatone Special School in Latvia, visited Sandgate School in Kendal and Bendrigge Lodge, the outdoor pursuits centre in the Lake District, which wil accommodate children from all three schools in May 2009.

A far reaching project of exchange has been agreed, starting in January 2007.

TRAMHA Transatlantic Research Network on Mental Health and the Arts - The benefits of creative activities for mental health have been increasingly acknowledged in recent years because of the transforming capacity of the arts and because of their general positive effects on wellbeing. Participation in the arts has been identified as an effective route for personal growth, leading to enhanced confidence which is an important achievement towards mental health. We will contribute to the forthcoming discussions of the TRAMHA research network to discuss the complex nature of this subject. To learn more about the network click here

British Lithuanian Interest - Photographs and articles about the Rytojus project have appeared in Tiltas, the journal of the British Lithuanian Society .

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